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Smart Phones have changed the Advertising World! Over 45% of business searches are done from smart phones. Yellow Pages Costa Rica is a Responsive Designed Website that re-configures depending upon the size of the viewing screen. This insures that your business advertisement will be seen on Smart Phones, Tablets or Desk Top Computers. Yellow Pages Costa Rica ( or enjoys first page search engine ranking and consistently has 30,000 to 50,000 hits per month.

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Advertising Features

Business Brand

  • Province
  • User may search by Costa Rican Province or All Categories (default). Business located in the selection will be listed.

  • Business Category
  • Users search by Business Category. There are currently over 85 categories available. New categories or sub categories are added as needed.

  • Business Name
  • Advertisers Bold Business Names and photos attract clients and are sorted first before Free Listings.

Description & Photos

  • 200 word Description
  • A good Description of your Company, its products or services, and the reasons your clients should select your company, will help to convert "a casual search to a client". We can assist in the composition and editing of your description. The description will be in both English and Spanish. Submit the description in your native language and we can translate it to the alternate language.

  • 6 photos
  • Photos catch the clients attention and can compliment the company, products or services description. Photos should be of good quality, normally over (5 kbytes). Most cell phone Photos are acceptable for use in the Yellow Pages Advertisement. Cell phone photos are normally files over 1 MB. We will resize and resample these photos for optimum use within Your Yellow Pages Ad.

Contact Information

  • 2 Phone Number(s)
  • Yellow Pages provides space for up to 2 landline phones. For example, you local phone and a toll free phone.

  • 2 Mobile Number(s)
  • Up to 2 mobile phones may be listed. The country code is recommended as many enquiries are from international users planning a trip to Costa Rica.

  • Email
  • Your email address may be listed. For example, the Yellow Pages email address is

  • Direction to business
  • Most Costa Rican addresses are a physican description. For example, my office address is: Hidden Valley Estates, #9, 600 meters east of the Huacas school.


  • Links to Company Website
  • Yellow Pages includes a link to your Business Website. This provides additional information to the potential client. Also since the Yellow Pages enjoys high ranking in the top search engines, your website link in the Yellow Pages aids in improving the ranking to your business website. It also helps if your website has a reciprical link to your Advertisement in the Yellow Pages.

  • Links to your social Media
  • Social Media links also improve your Search Engine Rankings. Your Social Media links may be included in your Business Advertisement.

  • Link to Google Map
  • We will locate your business within the Yellow Pages Google Map and link it to your Ad. This also improves you ranking in the search engines.

  • Premium Ads"
  • Premium Ads provide a Thumbnail link directly to your Advertisement. "Premium Ads" have higher visability and more traffic and can be tracked by Google status reports.

Advertising Plans

  • 12 Month Ad . - $400 / yr
  • Your Yellow Pages Advertisement is active for a full year from the date of your approval.

  • 3 Month Ad . - $180 / 3 months
  • This is the same Advertisement as the 12 month Ad., but it runs for 3 months. It can be renewed prior to expiration for additional 3 month period for $135 per 3 months or converted to a 12 month plan.

  • Premium Ad . - $20 / month
  • The Premium Ad option may apply to the 2 Advertising Plans above. The Premium option adds $20 per month to the Advertising cost..

    A 12 month Premium Thumbnail Ad is 400+240 = $640/ yr

    A 3 month Premium Thumbnail Ad is 180+60 = $240 / 3 mths

Request Form details

  • Complete all required items that are preceded by an Astrix *.
  • The other items are optional, however the more information you can supply will make for a better advertisement.
  • Item 4 - Website URL: If you have a business webpage, add the complete website address in Item 4.
  • Item 13 - Provide a Business Description in English or Spanish. We can Translate for no additional cost.
  • Item 14 - If your Business has Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), add the links here, One line per Link. For example, The Yellow Pages Twitter link is:
  • Provide 8 -10 photos related to your business. If you have a Business Logo, include the logo. Email these photos to us at or provide internet URL to the photos, for example, your facebook page.

Advertising Request Form

Advertising Information Form
* = required information

* 1. Select a Business Category

*2. Your Title and Name (Not shown in Advertisement)

* 3. Business Name:

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* 5. Brief Business Description

6. Email address:

* 7. Phone 1 #:

8. Cell 1 #:

9.Phone 2 or FAX #

10. Cell 2 or Fax #

* 11. Bus. Address:

* 12. City:

* 13. Province:

14. Social media Links
One line per Link

15. Select 1 of the 4 Advertising Plans below

* 16. Business Description
Max characters 1000 (approx. 200 words)

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